The word for you today is from 1 Corinthians 15:33 (GW)

‘Don’t let anyone deceive you. Associating with bad people will ruin decent people.’

Maintain an anointed environment…

I was ministering to someone earlier today and the Lord led me to encourage the person to guard their environment and to contend to be continually surrounded with an anointed environment.

I need an atmosphere of peace, joy, faith, hope and rest to function… all of these come from the presence of the Lord. I minister to all kinds of hurting people, and I love them with all of my heart, but I do not let them into my world. Their pain does not have the right to infiltrate my peace in Jesus. Corinthians 15:13 says that associating with bad people will ruin decent people. Proverbs 24:22 says, “Don’t associate with rebels, for disaster will hit them suddenly.”

The places you go, the people you associate with, the music you listen to and what you watch all effect the environment and the atmosphere that you live in. Wrong associations and wrong environments can corrupt the atmosphere around us and open the door to strife, fear, anxiety, depression and temptations. Minister to people, love on them and help them, but do it without ‘yoking’ yourself to them.

Your surroundings will impact your growth…

About a year ago I dug up a baby tree for my yard… I temporarily planted it in a small pot. Since then I have not made the time to plant it in my yard. It is still alive, but barely… it looks anemic and sickly. As soon as I plant it in the right soil all of that will change, in fact you will not recognize it in a month. The moment I change it’s environment and its surroundings it will effect it’s health and it’s destiny, and according to the Word, it works exactly the way same with us.

As you live in an anointed, peaceful, loving, joy-filled, God centered environment you will grow exponentially and prosper in all of your ways.