Today's devotion is from Psalm 119:105

'Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.'

Your feet represent your walk with the Lord.

The living, powerful Word infuses LIGHT, LIFE and POWER into your walk. As His Word shines onto and into your everyday walk with the Lord, it drives out darkness and every work and plan of the devil.

The anointed LIGHT of the Word brings with it GRACE in your time of need, HEALING when sickness tries to invade, PROSPERITY and blessing in seasons of lack and JOY in times of heartache.

The Living Word is a light to your path…

It floods your journey with anointing and power. The Word makes clear your direction and places it’s light on every obstacle in your way. Because of the Word you will not go over a cliff, you will not bump your foot on a rock, and you will not step into a trap. Darkness becomes light with the illuminating power of the loving Word!

Take time to meditate upon the Word today and it will be a trustworthy lamp to your feet and a faithful light to your path today!