Today’s devotion is from Romans 6:14

For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under Law but under Grace.

According to Romans 6:14, “law” only serves to remind us how far we have missed the mark.

The Law [righteousness by works] ignites sin-consciousness and creates an environment where sin has dominion over you. 

Grace has freed us from being dominated by sin.

Grace does not enable sin; grace sets believers free from sin. If someone teaches that because of grace believers have freedom to sin, they are not teaching biblical grace. One of the ways that you know that someone is truly under grace is by the lack of dominion that sin has over them. Only true New Covenant grace can break sin’s dominion.

In order for GRACE to free us from being dominated by sin we have to place ourselves UNDER GRACE by faith in the finished work of Jesus!

The way we place ourselves under GRACE is by relying on GRACE through Christ, rather than relying on our ability to overcome and live right through our own works [self-reliance and willpower.] As we begin to depend upon the Lord rather than depending on ourselves the dominion of sin ends!


Thank you Jesus for the New Covenant of GRACE.

I place myself under the GRACE by faith!

I rely on GRACE through Christ!

I do not rely on my ability!

I renounce self-reliance, and dead works leading to being dominated by sin.

I declare, “As I rely on the GRACE freely given by Jesus, sin shall no longer have dominion over me, for I am no longer under Law, but under GRACE!”

I declare, “Grace through Christ gives me supernatural ability, power as well as desire to live a holy life and overcome sin!”