"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers."

I just had a major episode of food poisoning. It all started with two pieces of quiche that we got from Costco that must have been off…

If you have ever had food poisoning, you know just how terrible it is. It's something that you would not wish on your worst enemy. I’m making my own quiche from now on!

A very important lesson has just irrevocably been burned into my memory bank…

Be very careful what you put into your body!

I immediately felt the awful effects of the contaminated quiche. My skin hurt, I developed the chills and my belly felt like a hand-grenade had just exploded in it together with liquid lava.

Just as important as what we put into our bodies is what we put into our souls!

If we feed our soul polluted, contaminated, negative, unscriptural, faith destroying, fear inciting information through what we watch, what we read and what we listen to and what we meditate on…

It will have the same effect on our souls as what the quiche had on my body. 

Don’t feed your soul [mind, emotions and will] rotten, unscriptural things.

The virtual reality gaming world has become something that people spend hours consuming. Facebook, twitter, social media, movies and television consume hours and hours of people's lives, and much of it is unholy, unscriptural and contaminated with violence, fear, compromise and many other harmful things. 

People think that they can participate in those things and that it will not affect them negatively, but just like with food poisoning, when you feed your soul contaminated, polluted, unscriptural things, if you meditate on unbiblical principles, it will make your soul sick.  

People are depressed, stressed, living in fear, sick in body, living in poverty and without faith or hope and have not connected the dots…

Believers prosper in all things and are in health, just as their souls prosper, and in the same way, believers are in poverty in all things and in sickness, if their souls are in poverty!

Friend, be very careful what you feed on!

Be a good steward with nutrition and be a good steward when it comes to what you are watching, listening to and participating in. It will affect you one way or the other. If it is unscriptural, if it does not build you, if it’s not true, or noble, just, pure, lovely, if it’s not a good and if it is not praiseworthy, do not feed on it! 


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