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Today’s word is from 1 John 4:18-19
"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. We love Him because He first loved us."

Family, we have to totally overcome all fear. Fear is not from the Lord and can block you from yielding to the Holy Spirit and it can block you from fulfilling your calling.


If you fear something, you are not going to do it, and even if you make yourself do it, it will negatively affect the way you do it. Many Christians do not go out and share the gospel because they are afraid, they don’t pray for the sick, don’t step out and give the word of the Lord to someone, they withhold their tithe, don’t give and don’t allow themselves to be used by the Lord,
all because of fear.

Some people are not even in fellowship because they don’t feel safe around people. Family, fear is of the devil and he uses it as a weapon to block, stop, torment and hurt as many as he can. Many believers unnecessarily endure sleepless nights in torment with fear and worry.

I just got off the phone speaking to Robert Cook, a member at Amazing Love...
He called me to share a testimony. Robert is a manager for a company and he shared how he prayed for two of his staff that were in severe pain in their knees. The Lord did a creative miracle and instantly healed both ladies. The one lady’s knee had been swollen for years and the swelling instantly went down and all of the pain left. After receiving her healing one of
the ladies received Jesus as Lord. 

Robert shared that fear tried to block him from praying… fear tried to convince him that he could get in trouble for praying for people while at work and fear tried to block him by saying, “What if they do not get healed.” Thank the Lord; Robert did not yield to fear, but to the Holy Spirit!

How many miracles have been blocked by fear, how many people are not in the ministry today because of fear, how many are there who have never experienced what it is like to walk on water, but have stayed in the safety of the boat because of fear?

Father, infuse us with Your perfect love, cast out every fear in my life, in Jesus Name!
Never again will I yield to fear, never again will I be blocked by fear, never again will I allow
myself or others to be robbed of a miracle because of fear, in Jesus Name!

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