Today's devotion is from John 10:27

‘My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.’

Know Jesus, hear His voice and follow Him…

Notice Jesus says, “and I KNOW them.” The Greek word for ‘know’ literally means ‘intimate intercourse,’ as a husband ‘knows’ a wife… Being intimate in our relationship with Jesus through worship is paramount if we are to hear and recognize His voice. Spending TIME in the Word, in prayer, praying in the Holy Ghost and in worship is not the religious thing to do… it is what we do because we have a real relationship.

The more that you hear His voice, experience His love and get to know the Lord in worship, the more you recognize that same familiar voice 24/7.

Jesus speaks to us from His Spirit to our spirit… He speaks to us through inner promptings, through a small still voice, through visions and dreams, through His living Word and through others. He continually speaks to every believer, but EVERY believer does not take the time to know Jesus and to know His voice.

Take the time to have a real, vibrant relationship with Him, and as you do, you will hear His voice and follow Him from one victory to another!